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2 Degree Ice Bar, Singapore

Woohoo! Never thought Singapore could be this cold and icey! Let me introduce you to the new 2 Degree Ice Bar!

How to get to the ice bar:
Take a MRT ride to Bayfront Station, walk to exit A. This 2 Degree Ice Bar is located just beside the famous Marina Bay Sands.

Once you arrived, you will be greeted by the bartender in the ‘warm’ area of the bar. To get to the icey part, you need to buy a drink and pay right after you ordered. Then only you can borrow a winter coat to be worn inside the cold part of the bar. Your drinks will be served inside. Yey!

Went here on our first day of company trip, and this was definitely the highlight of the day! Spending hot morning and afternoon in Singapore and then… ta-da! suddenly winter! What an experience. It was so cold I couldn’t feel my fingers. And I actually went cold, complete with running nose too! Haha 😀

The key to keep ourselves warm is by dancing to the music played, and keep on hugging each others! Group hugs all night long…!


Photo : Bintang Mahacakrie, Vendryana Larasati