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Hi there, my name is Bintang Alleyosha Mahacakrie. During my high school period, I was known by the name Bintang Alleyosha. But then things were changing a lot, so I decided to leave my middle name out and go by web nickname “Mahacakrie”. I am a 30 years old Aquarian born in Banjarmasin, South Borneo, Indonesia. Although I was born way far from Java island, I’ve been living in Jakarta since I was a kid. I’m a true Jakartans I can live in a mall!

In 2004 I went study in Malaysia for 4 years. After graduated as a Bachelor of Arts in 2008, I went straight to work as a Creative Designer in Singapore for 2 years. Living overseas is one of the things that drives me to love going out for traveling and being a mature person that I am now. I love being in planes, flying here and there. And well, I went to some concerts too! (yea that’s why I love Singapore!). My colleagues back then always look down on me being a loner cause I went out often by myself. But that wasn’t a problem because as much as I love going out with friends, I enjoy being only with myself too! 🙂

I am no stranger to the blogging world, cause I started blogging since 2005, but it was all about my love life and I kept it private. Being an introvert, I enjoy writing to my future self. I blogged, I read my blog, I cried reading my blog, I laughed to my stories, and so on.. Kept on reminding myself about that particular memories.

After decided to go back to Jakarta for good, I started working as a Senior Graphic Designer and built some startups with friends and my brothers. The challenges in doing business is what makes my life a little bit exciting (I guess). I started to learn more about the new era in media. My famous brother Benazio Rizki is the only person who’s responsible for plunging me into the digital life and introduced me to many many people leading to many many challenges and jobs too.

Long story short, I quit working and decided to work from home, of course with pressure that every time my mother asked me about what I’m doing and how much money I have – I must always prepare an answer. It was a tough year! I even had a 3 months full time freelancing in an advertising agency (you know, working until late at night). Thankfully one day we (me and my brother) had an exciting branding project, and was amazed by the number of money we were getting. And that’s when TSATB.CO quickly born.

All years long I met some inspiring people, get to know Vendryana too, and built up BA-NA-NA together – me, Bena, and Vendry. I finally suffer from lack-of-money period to enjoying life to the fullest. Along the way, I found out how I often host parties, events, and trips with my friends. I figured out I like doing research on the city I am going to, reading travel blogs, finding the best hotel or airbnb rooms, I just love planning – runs in the blood! So then I made this travel blog, in the hope of becoming your trusted reviewer and honest traveler, cause I’m the kind of traveler who go out by plan & research (not much of a backpacker, I choose to travel comfortably without splurging a lot of money). I really really hope I can persuade you to go out and see how wonderful the world is. Planning a trip is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Let’s go!




What is your favorite place so far?
Definitely England. All places in England, from the grungy music stores to the iconic and historical museums. I like being in the park too. I looooove England!

Who is your favorite musician?
I’m a dino-huge fan of Coldplay.

What do you usually buy from your trips?
Magazines. I collect magazines from every places I visited. Free magazines, commercial magazines, and in flight magazines. I sometimes bought a scissors too.

How do you pay for your trip and concerts?
In most trips I had, I pay everything by myself. Except the Seoul trip, it was fully sponsored by my mother. In some of the trips, if you must know, I got lucky enough to won a trip to Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam from Hers Magazine (sponsored by AirAsia), won a trip to Bangkok Thailand to see Maroon 5 (sponsored by Coca Cola), got invited to join a treasure hunt in Bali (sponsored by Horison Hotel Seminyak), accompany my brother to Hong Kong Disneyland and be treated like a VIP (sponsored by Hong Kong Disneyland), and the biggest prize I’ve won so far was a free trip to Kerala, India (sponsored by Kerala Tourism). Life’s good, really!

What is your current job?
The answer is a lot. I’ve been working hard to get to this point of my life, and I’m not stopping. List of what I do now consists of:
– Managing my shop BA-NA-NA (do designs, paper works, contacting vendors, arrange meetings, planning events and gatherings, managing social media, etc).
– Freelancing (do layouts for magazines).
– Wedding Planner (by request only!).
– Chief Artistic Officer for TSATB.CO, accepting design-related jobs.
– Currently cooking up a new startup called Goodiebox.

Do you accept a design job?
Currently no.

Do you accept sponsored blog posts?
No I don’t. At least, not yet. I don’t want to spoil the blog with posts that are not honest and lack of personality. I accept sponsorship ONLY if I am given the chance to experience the product myself.


Photo by Benazio Rizki
Location: Disneysea, Tokyo


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    July 1, 2015

    Nice blog… fotonya keren….

    • Reply

      Bintang Mahacakrie

      July 1, 2015

      terimakasih 🙂

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    Jacob Laukaitis

    December 22, 2015


    Last month I visited Tokyo and walked 100 kilometers over the course of 3 days. I just published a short video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fha5sOwGiOg

    Let me know if you’d like to publish this. I’d be happy to answer all of your questions!


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