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Chinese Garden, Jurong – Singapore

Travelling to Singapore is not always about shopping. I tried something different last time I went there, afternoon walking in the park! My favorite park has always been East Coast Park, I lived there in the east area when I first came to Singapore to work. So every weekend back then I usually walk myself down to the park, rent a bicycle and ride along the coast. Something I can’t really do here in Jakarta. You should try it too!

But for now, let me tell you about my short afternoon walking at Chinese Garden. It was a huge garden in the middle of the city. What I meant was, you can see big trees and greenery surrounds you, but you can still see tall buildings on the background.

How to go to Chinese Garden:
Simply take a ride to Chinese Garden MRT Station. Once you arrived, there will be a signing board waiting for you at the exit. Take a 2 minutes walk, and you’ll be right inside the Chinese Garden area. You’ll see the 7-storey Pagoda.


Though there’s a Japanese Garden just beside this huge Chinese Garden, but I don’t really recommend you to go there cause there is nothing much in there. Hmmm… really… nothing there. They probably was doing a renovation when I visited the garden. Maybe :p

Found this bridge, tho.


Back to the Chinese Garden, it was a clean and tidy garden I might say. They have lots of area such as Bonsai Garden, Bamboo Garden, Koi Pond, and a Live Turtle Museum. My favorite is the Confusius Statue and the Twin Pagoda which shows a contrast between traditional (the Pagoda) and modern (you can see MRT on the background).


Overall I enjoyed my afternoon walking in this garden. I hope I can go on another walking adventure to other part of Singapore soon! 😀

Photo : Bintang Mahacakrie