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The Escape Hunt Experience, Kemang – Jakarta

As a riddle addict since young age, “real-life escape game” is a dream come true for me! Once I heard about escape games in Jakarta, I immediately tell my brother and try them out. Not sure if this Escape Hunt is the first indoor detective game in Jakarta, because there are quite a number of places alike. But in my opinion, The Escape Hunt is more family-friendly. The game is not that hard (for me), and the clue given is quite clear. So this game is good for beginners!


How to go to Escape Hunt Kemang

Escape hunt is located in Kemang area, just across KFC Kemang. Proceed until you see Bank BNI on your left. The shop house is just above Bank BNI, which is next to the Indomaret Convenience Store.


How to play Escape Hunt

  • First of all, you will have to book your room & time to play. Booking is easy. Link here. They have 6 game rooms – onsite 2 identical “Bedrooms”, 2 identical “Study Rooms” & 2 identical “Kitchens”. Each room is designed for 2 to 5 players and it is exclusive for your group. Means, you are not joining a group of other players.
  • Once arrived, you will need to pay for your booking. Price is in USD, starting from USD 18-26 depending on how many players are playing in one room.
  • You are not allowed to bring anything to the room. Lockers are provided.
  • Your game master will explain about the case you are going to solve. Pay attention!
  • The game begin! Find clues inside the room, and try to solve them using your logical thinking and teamwork.
  • Once you found out the murder and finally escape the room before 60 minutes, that’s when you’re a winner.
  • Photo session using detective outfits will be provided after the game 🙂

Have fun playing detective!



Photo : Bintang Mahacakrie