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Fujiko F Fujio Museum – Kawasaki, Japan

One of the must visit place when you’re in Tokyo is definitely this Fujiko F Fujio Museum. Even if you’re not a fan of Doraemon, the history told in this museum is just ‘different’, story of a dedicated cartoonist once famous by the pen name Fujiko F Fujio.

How to buy Fujiko F Fujio Museum ticket:

  • Remember to buy the ticket as early as 2 days before your visit to the museum. This is to prevent sold out tickets. I bought the tickets right after I arrived in Tokyo, and went to the museum the day after. Also remember that they don’t sell the ticket on the spot. So you have to buy it in advance only at Lawson. Don’t worry, you can find Lawson almost everywhere in Tokyo.
  • The machine is in Japanese, so it’s almost impossible to buy the ticket by yourself. Ask the Lawson’s staff to help you buy the ticket. This is also tricky, cause not all of them can speak English. My suggestion is, prepare a calendar (on your phone) to point on which date and time you are going. Also, the staff will ask about your name and phone number. Tell him/her your name, and your number. This is not really important cause the person at the museum will not check 😀
  • Ticket costs ¥1000 per adult.

How to go to Fujiko F Fujio Museum:

  • The museum is located in Kawasaki City, about 45 minutes train-ride from Shibuya Station. The station you need to locate is called “Noborito Station” (JR Nambu Line, yellow color). How to get to the Noborito Station is really depends on where you’re staying in Tokyo. For example if you stay near Shibuya Station (which I recommend); go by JR Yamanote line to Shinagawa Station, alight and change to JR Tokaido Line to Kawasaki Station, alight, finally change to JR Nambu Line and stop at Noborito Station.
  • Once you arrived at Noborito Station, go up the escalator, and turn left. From the upper ground, look at the view below, you’ll find the Doraemon-themed shuttle bus there! 😀
  • Run your way out the station to this little bus stop. Pay another ¥210 and you’re on your way to awesomeness!


During the 10-minutes journey to the Fujiko F Fujio Museum, please look at your window! You’ll find lots and lots of buildings that looks like those in the comic book! This is such an amazing view and knowledge to me, that we don’t need to look far for inspirations. Mr Fujio himself found his inspiration by just looking around his neighborhood!


Okay now we’re in the museum. Details are everywhere, I spot an angry cartoony eyes on the wall!


Queue up according to the time you choose when you bought the ticket. Mine was at 12pm, and I arrived there at 11.40am, just nice! When it’s your turn to go inside the museum, their lovely staff will tell you about the rules. No photography almost in all locations except the rooftop and the relax area. And, well of course, mice is not allowed to be inside the museum! LOL.


There are some areas inside the museum, and in all areas there will be numbers. You can go through the museum silently while listening to the guide on the headphone provided. Guide is available in English! You should really listen to the voice telling you stories, really, because it’s the only way to understand the ‘gems’ you’ll find in the whole museum. Gems here is the story about Mr Fujio himself. 🙂

My favorite part of the museum is definitely the workplace of Mr Fujio. There were 2 desks, one of them is a drawing table, with a library on top of the desk right to the ceiling! Goosebumps! Mr Fujio, as told by the guide’s voice, was a fan of movies and books. He also likes to travel. So the library on top of his desk was full of original books, disks, and knick-knacks from cities he visited. Oh, he also likes dinosaurs!

On the “timeline” area of Mr Fujio’s life, I was told that in September 2006 he passed away while drawing for Doraemon the movie. Here, I shed a tear. Even on his last second in life, he’s still drawing. 🙁

Move on to the next area, we can actually watch a never before seen movie of Mr Fujio’s characters. It wasn’t Doraemon, but it was fun to watch. You’ll also find a Doraemon toy vending machine, and a Doraemon-themed Purikura photobooth. We can take picture here! Yeay.

On the second floor there’s a Doraemon themed cafe. It was during fasting month when I visited the museum, so I didn’t go to the cafe. However, I bought back some Dorayaki and Ankipan (the memory bread, remember this?). And finally there were some photo spots on the rooftop! I’m a happy kid!


The last part of the museum was the gift store. Spare some time here cause the stuffs are so adorable! You can find Giant’s orange t-shirt, his CD, and many more! Ask the cashier about Kawasaki City map, my friend told me that if only I have some free time, I could go on a walk to the train station and found Doraemon-themed signage all over the city! Too bad I was on a tight schedule so I went back to the train station using using the shuttle bus. Bye bye Kawasaki City, it’s been a pleasure to visit you!


Photo by Bintang Mahacakrie & Benazio Rizki


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    Alifia Nurullita

    July 22, 2014

    Wahhh kereeennn nih Fujiko F Fujio Museum 🙂 Kalo di Indonesia ada aku pasti datang