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Grand Launching of Horison Seminyak, Bali

Seminggu sebelumnya kita emang udah ke Bali, tapi ke Candidasa buat liburan dan santai-santai… Nah yang ini beda, ke Bali buat keringetan dan panas-panasan ngejar USD 3,000! Hihihihihi… Denger kata “Treasure Hunt”-nya aja udah semangat, apalagi denger hadiahnya :p

So we started the briefing at Starbucks Ngurah Rai International Airport. Lots of foreigner are also joining the ‘race’. Horison crew disini very welcoming, sangat ramah… dan makanan yang disediain juga banyaaaak and it’s all from Starbucks! Nom nom nom slurp!

Here in Starbucks, we received a taxi voucher with the taxi number on it. We also received the first task. So once they say go!, we ran to find our cab and go directly to Krisna shop. Not that easy, we have to search for a square flag and count how many of them from check point 1 to check point 2.

And so we arrived at Krisna. Were given the next task, which is… shopping! We have to find 5 Balinese traditional items in the exact price of total IDR 50,000. Paid them with the voucher given. Then we cross the road to find WarOng Miyabi. Had our lunch there. The task was to count how many statue were there at the culinary area.

Exactly at 12 noon, we have to ride a bike along Tuban to Kuta Art Market. And not only that, we have to (again) count how many square flags along the journey. This is the part where my skin got darker and my body got very weak i almost faint. -__-“

Arrived at Kuta Art Market, received a souvenir from a craft shop. The next task was to collect trashes from this shop to Kuta beach. I was sooooo weak we spent time here to sit down and relax, hoping the other participants will spare us some trashes…. But they’re not! The beach is at its cleanest when we start collecting our trashes. Think think think. We went to a food court near the beach, and ask every stall whether they have trashes for us to collect. Guess what? We had the most heaviest trash! 6,4 kilos out of 2 kilos required.

After that we were given a plant, and the task was to sell it! We went to Kutabex, Pizza Hut, etc… and found these hunks! They willing to pay IDR 5,000 -_-” but then we explain to them that we were on a game, and so they get excited! The guy in the middle ask his friends to collect money for us, we had total IDR 122,500! Yeay!

The plant selling was too difficult for other team, so we have to wait for them… This is when I get my hair braided. Hehehe

At 2pm, we started the hunt again. We have to find ojek who wore Horison tees, took photo with them, and went straight to Padma Beach. Still have to search and count the square flag.

Arrived at Padma Beach, had a coffee break, and get ready for the parade.


Parade’s ready! We then head to Horison Seminyak! This was very very very exhausting cause we took more than half an hour walking. I had to took off my shoes and walked on foot because of this >.<

Finally arrived at Horison Seminyak! Went straight to our room (free 1 night), took a shower, and back to the pool area for a cocktail party and winner announcement.

The hotel was okay, though the room was rather empty (maybe because they newly open!)

Finally, it’s the winner announcement! We didn’t get the USD 2,000 tho’, but we got a complimentary USD 100 for the team with most tweets! Ha!
Thanks for inviting us, Horison! See you 😉
December 4, 2012
December 12, 2012