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Gundam Front Tokyo, Odaiba – Japan

Any Gundam fans out there? Me! 😀 I once a fan of Gundam, back then during my junior high school days. My mom usually bought me and my 2 brothers a Gundam toy from Singapore. Those days Gundam were not very popular here in Indonesia, so when Mama went to Singapore for a fashion exhibition, we always asked her for a pack of Gundam. Each kid got one pack. I remember we (me and my brothers) made an amateur movie using those Gundams we assembled. Happy kiddos!

So when I was told that there’s a huge 1:1 Gundam in Tokyo, I thought, there’s no way I’m gonna miss this. So there we were, went island-hopping from Tokyo to Daiba Station. Note: Apparently Odaiba is a large artificial island built by the Tokugawa shogunate in order to protect Tokyo from attack. Incredible, right?

How to go to Odaiba:

  • You can only go to Odaiba by using Yurikamome line. This line has a rather new trains, the stations are good too.
  • From Tokyo, you can go to Shimbashi Station, and then change to Yurikamome line, alight at Daiba Station.

As soon as you arrived, look at the gorgeous view outdoor, you can find a replica of New York’s Liberty Statue complete with the bridge. This bridge lights up rainbow at night. You might want to take picture here!


Of course me and my family took a picture here and happily updated our Path status saying we’re in New York! :p



Odaiba is a huge sci-fi park, I might say. There were some strange buildings, unique pathway, and a lot of people walk their dogs here.


It was quite a long way walk up to Diver City to see the life-size Gundam. But we just can’t give up! Around 10 minutes walking from Aqua City (where the Liberty Statue was), we finally found this huge Gundam Front Tokyo. It was an awesome feeling seeing the figure we once adore so much – became real. Luckily we waited there awhile, and saw it moving! Although we really wish that it wasn’t only the head part that’s moving. 😀


Mission accomplished! Gundam Front Tokyo, checked!

We went to the official shop to buy some Gundam stuffs (cash only!), and then back to Tokyo using the same Yurikamome line.



Photo by Bintang Mahacakrie, Benazio Rizki




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    October 11, 2014

    what a nice place to visit

  2. Reply


    April 7, 2015

    Hi Bintang,
    Nice shot of Gundam, I am a newbie blogger on Tokyo and thought to connect my article with yours on a similar attraction which has come up in Odaiba called Chibi Maruko Chan Cafe. Hope its OK to link it here.

    • Reply

      Bintang Mahacakrie

      April 7, 2015

      Sure no problem at all. OMG I have to go to Chibi Maruko Chan Cafe! Thank you for posting the article 😀