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Halloween in Edinburgh, Scotland

Super late post but a unique one. It was during Halloween when me and Angela visited Edinburgh, Scotland nearly a year ago. We were not expecting any Halloween activities at that moment, so we didn’t dress up for the night. We knew that there will be a fireworks near the castle, but what was going to happen is a surprise of the day.


People in costumes were starting to gather around near Edinburgh Castle. From a chicken-man, to a very scary old lady complete with her long pointed nose. The attraction started around 11pm until midnight. We didn’t really get the story, but I’m pretty sure it was about two parts of Edinburgh people, the good and the bad (something like that), they were about to fight. So sorry for the lack of information about the story. I guess I was enjoying the night too much, and got cold too much too! Me and Angela didn’t stay until the end of the attraction (due to the weather), we only stayed until the part when they burned a symbol. Fire everywhere! Was a hell of a night! 😀



Photo: Bintang Mahacakrie