“Happiness is Here” Parade – Tokyo Disneyland, Japan

A must-see daytime parade of Mickey Mouse and all his Disney friends, appear in the most colorful parade of happiness. With fancy rides and joyful dancers, this parade is worth the wait! Fans of Disney characters were gather around the area waiting to be greeted by their living characters. Some of them were celebrating the day with Disney costumes. What a lovely view! :)


Some people might need an extra effort to get their idol’s attention. This couple below, for example. They’re showcasing their collections just to get Mickey’s attention. Happiness is here!


My personal favorite part was, of course, when the Disney princesses and fairies (and princes) pass by and wave their hands. Awww! It’s safe to say that the Happiness is (really) Here in Disneyland!




Photo by Bintang Mahacakrie, Benazio Rizki
Thanks to Bina Blog Indonesia & Tokyo Disney Resort



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