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Hellogoodbye – Mosaic Club, Singapore

It’s time for another Mosaic! Yeay! This time was a little bit different (yet special too) ’cause it’s the final episode of Mosaic Festival. Boo! 🙁 I went to this 10th Mosaic especially for Hellogoodbye, one of my favorite musician during college time. My first ear-crush was “Oh, It is Love”. And yes they sang that song on this intimate concert! Woooh! It was an intimate performance ’cause there was as little as prolly 100 guests that night, the venue was considered small with only 8 bar tables around.


They started with a simple “Hi! We’re Hellogoodbye!”, and the rest of the night was flowing awesomely as they talked and joking around with the audiences. Was one of those concerts I will definitely remember. Oh, I recorded a video too!

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 10.47.49 PMBonus: I met Forrest Kline (and the band!) the next day at Makansutra!

Photo: Bintang Mahacakrie (except the one with me in the photo)




March 18, 2014