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Ninja Experience at Iga Ninja Village, Iga, Mie – Japan

Ninja is very famous in Japan. They are the kind of warriors existed in Japan’s feudal era, and who knows if they still exist until now? They’re Ninjas! I’m a big fan of Ninja. I think Ninjas are smart and knowledgeable and have this mysterious characteristic which make them cool!

Going to Ninja Village has been in my bucket list, and when I married to my Ninja dude, I thought it’s the perfect time to go visit Ninja Village with him. Before we went here, we both are already Ninja fans. Now that we’ve been there, we became more than just fans, we got so inspired and well, you should too!

How to go to Iga Ninja Village
The nearest station to Iga Ninja Village is called Uenoshi station. It’s not hard to get to Uenoshi station, but you need to pay attention to the train schedule as there are only a few that go there. My suggestion is to always count on Hyperdia website. Always have your phone and internet connection with you 🙂

Now about how to get to Uenoshi… We stayed in Kyoto at that time, cause when I planned the route, I figured out that Iga is near Kyoto. We took JR rapid service to Kamo station, and then to Iga Ueno station. When arrived at Iga Ueno station, we took another train (non JR) to get to Uenoshi station. This particular train is a Ninja themed and by this I mean there were a lot of Ninja inside the train. Watch out! 😀

Uenoshi station looks like this picture below. The Ninja Village can be reached by just walking, around 8 minutes. We were lucky the weather was nice that time.


Neighborhood doesn’t look like a Ninja Village. Especially this yellow building we found on our way to the Ninja Village.


How to rent ninja costume in Danjiri Museum
When you’re at a Ninja Village, what’s better than to play costume? Exactly! On your way to Ninja Museum, you will find Danjiri Kaikan just across the street, on your right. The building doesn’t have any friendly signage that says it’s Danjiri Kaikan, but just try to find this building below. In the morning its entrance will be full of people queueing, mostly to rent Ninja costume.


Renting Ninja costume at Danjiri Kaikan is not expensive compared to other costume shop in Tokyo or Kyoto. If I’m not mistaken, the complete adult Ninja costume rental fee was below 1,000 yen. Costume comes in 4 colors; black, dark blue, pink, and red. Too bad the Ninja sword is just for kids.

About Ninja Museum of Igaryu
What’s cool about this Ninja Museum is that they have a real Ninja house, and that the guide will explain the tricks that the house has. Too bad explanation is in Japanese language, but don’t worry, you’ll still understand them cause they perform the tricks too.

Other than the house, there is also an exhibition room which is full of good reads. Really.  They exhibit the real outfit of a Ninja, the real sword, shurikens, all weapons that real Ninja has. They also give explanation about how a Ninja gather information from the enemies as well as from the earth!

Best part of the museum is probably the Ninja show. I missed the Ninja show due its limited space. *sob* They have more than one show, tho, but my schedule was packed that day and the train schedule didn’t allow us to stay longer. Still I heard they have good Ninja show. You should go!


Business hours and Admission tickets  
Opening hours: 9am to 5pm
Adult: 756 yen
Kids: 432 yen


Ninja Museum of Igaryu


Credits Photo by Bintang Mahacakrie and Raden Astra



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