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Glamping at Legok Kondang, Ciwidey, West Java – Indonesia

To celebrate my 30th birthday, I asked my husband and my best girls to spare their 2 days for me. I wanted to experience one thing I’ve never done in my 30 years of life, which is camping. So we went to Legok Kondang in Ciwidey, West Java, to have my very first camping experience, in the most glam way possible! 😀

Why Glamping?
Because I’ve been wanting to go camping since I read story books in school. I wanted to experience living (rather sleeping, I guess) in a tent in the middle of a wild forest. Something like that. I thought it’s a little too late to make that tiny dream come true, knowing I’m on the edge of my twenties…. But then when I re-found this glamping site that my intern once showed me, I thought, okay it’s time.

Glamping is becoming more popular here in Indonesia. People started to build glamping sites here and there. When I did my research on where to have my glamping birthday party, I found some that are actually closer to Jakarta like the one in Bogor and the other one in Sentul. And then after a deeper research, I finally pick this one and I’m fully satisfied!

Pricelist and booking
Everything you want to know about Legok Kondang can be found on their website here. Prices are there, types of tents are there. One thing you need to note is that the staffs there aren’t always online / available, due to mobile reception on site. So they either reply your message the next hour or the next day.

How to go to Legok Kondang
The easiest way to go to Legok Kondang for me is to take a train ride to Bandung and then let the staff pick us up at the station. Driving a car from Jakarta is also doable, but for me it’s not that convenient.

Me, my husband, and my two girls took the first train early in the morning. It costs IDR 100,000 one way, about 3,5 hours to reach Bandung. Once arrived, we were picked up by Mas Agam (Legok Kondang’s staff) and the next minute we were on his silver Avanza. Renting a car and a driver costs IDR 250,000 one way. It took us about 1,5 hour to get to Ciwidey. Mas Agam took us right to the front office.

Experiencing Legok Kondang
Apparently we arrived too early so we had our brunch at the restaurant first, before check in. They have some rice menus and almost everything costs about IDR 30,000. Good deal.


View from the floating restaurant. Our Deluxe tent right there ^

After the brunch session, they allowed us to check in early. And so we did. The inside of the tent was more spacious than the one shown on their website. Our deluxe tent has 1 king sized bed and 2 single beds. Bed linens were clean and smells good. There’s a cable tv and wifi connections too. Oh and the bathroom was clean too! Happy!

We spent time playing cards and watch tv. It was drizzling almost the whole evening, so we decided to have the pineapple party on our balcony.

My pineapple party
When planning my birthday party, I wanted a theme that’s unique but at the same time it’s very “me”. I told everyone I wanted a pineapple themed party. Nothing much, just a pineapple headpiece, pineapple donut, and pineapple everything :D. So there, my pineapple party, one day before my actual birthday. Haha.


That yellow thingy is a portable radio and speaker. Of course I play The Moffatts’ songs, cause it’s my birthday!

The one thing I wanted most was to fly a lantern at night. But it was raining the whole night so we can’t fly a lantern. However, though, the staffs made us a bonfire at the back of the front office, and there goes my first bonfire session. Best thing was, they played Coldplay songs all night long cause apparently no other guests were staying there. Ps. they are fully booked on weekends only.

One night glamping was enough for us. There was no mosquito, at all. We missed the sunrise view (’cause we’re so lazy to woke up, that’s why). So here’s an after sunrise view for you. Sky is THAT blue! No filter, you guys~




Pardon my 30 years old face ^^ #iwokeuplikethis

On being thirty (so sorry I get too personal this time :p)
Being 30 years old really is a thing for me. It’s not that I’m feeling more mature or more mother-ish (if that’s even a word).. it’s how I feel blessed. The more I think about my age, the more I feel blessed. And the more I get emotional too. Really, you guys, I thank God so so much for what I have right now. Good health, sweet husband, growing company, everything. People often say that they go back to finding God especially when they’re on their lowest point, I’d say I go find God whenever I feel blessed. I know exactly it’s because of Allah I’m at this point of happiness. *sob*

Legok Kondang
Jalan Kurunangan (Jalan Raya Ciwidey – Kawah Putih), Lebak Muncang, Ciwidey, Jawa Barat 40973
Whatsapp: 0813 1817 9889



Photo by Bintang Mahacakrie & Raden Astra