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Love Zomato? Hate Zomato? Tell Zomato!: Review & Feedback

Finding places to eat has never been easy. It’s tougher when you are a girl or with girl friends. We often says “up to you” when asked where to eat, but then upset the whole meal time cause the place is not likely what we want. Hehe.. Thanks to restaurant search engines! Finding restaurants is now easier, with menu and photos all in our hands to pick. Introducing Zomato.

Simply put, the best site to find restaurants.

If asked which 3 features I love about Zomato, my picks will be:

1. Everything
2. Everything
3. Everything
Can’t really pick which feature I love most.

‘Cause Zomato has the best features that a restaurant-search-engines must have! I kid you not. Zomato can locate where you are, and find places to eat around you, complete with distance to the destinations. Zomato also has the most complete filters ever: location, cuisine, cost for two, category, etc, making it easier to find what suits our needs. Zomato put every details to each restaurant listings, such as address, phone number (you can even add it to a SpeedDial), menu, photos, cost, and of course reviews from real users! And if you still can’t decide where to eat, simply browse their “collections” feature. It has recommendations of places sorted in themes such as Live Music, Trending This Week, and so on.

As for users / reviewers, you’ll have your own page consists of places you’ve been, your wishlist, reviews you wrote, and the most fun part is the badges. Zomato gives you points on everything you’ve put into the website; review and photo. Points you received will then calculated and ta-da! you’ll get a badge on your profile whether you’re a foodie, big foodie, super foodie, or connoisseur. So fun! 😀

Oh, another little things I like about Zomato is how it is so friendly and fun in terms of picking words. The wordings in all over the website gives such a character to it which is really really good for a brand. Bravo!

Now it’s time for feedback. As much as I love their website and mobile app, I also have feedback which I think will make them unbeatable and most complete site / app. My personal feedback will be more on the iPhone app, because I’m an iPhone user, and I use Zomato mostly on phone.

1. The collections.

photo 1

I love how it looks like and how easy it is to access. I like how it pops up smoothly and how it is easy to swipe. However, it would be nice if we (users) can add-in a recommendations to the collections. And it would be nicer if we can get a credit like “as recommended by …” 😀

2. The search results.

photo 4

This is one feature I love, too. However, it would be great if this page comes with pictures on the side or above every listing. From a designer point of view, I’d put a swipeable small images on top of every listings. So users can actually see how the place looks like, before finding out details about it.

Also, I can’t find the “add resto” in the mobile app. This is important, I think, because I personally found places I want to review but I can’t find the listing in Zomato app.

3. User profile.

photo 2

I found that the grey colored background is unflattering. I really really hope we can upload our own cover image to best describe who we are or just for the sake of making it looks nicer. Not grey, please.. This feedback applies on the homepage too. It is so not tempting for me 🙁


That’s all from me. Hoping Zomato will get better and better soon (I know it will!). Finally, follow me on Zomato!


Review & photo by Bintang Mahacakrie


September 12, 2014



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    September 14, 2014

    Really agree on those features!
    very good design, very well organized, very nice profile page.

  2. Reply

    Ron A

    July 25, 2015

    Please bring back UrbanSpoon. I do NOT like Zomato. Looks too much like a facebook feed with its bland and chunky styling and annoying “more stories” pop-out. I miss UrbanSpoon! I much preferred it’s presentation style, organization and top recommendations.