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Nonton Warkop DKI di Warung Misbar, Bandung

On your visit to Bandung, West Java, spare some time to visit this uber unique traditional restaurant that serves local food, play local movie, and in a very vintage cinema-like atmosphere…Indonesian way.


How to go to Warung Misbar
Warung Misbar is located at the famous Jalan L.L.R.E. Martadinata (formerly known as Jalan Riau) No.28 A. It’s in the middle of the city, just a 5 minutes driving from Gedung Sate. If you’re driving alone, I can assure you that it’s not hard to find, just google it and you’re set!


What to do in Warung Misbar
Eat, watch, and free flow. Warung Misbar means “Gerimis Bubar” (stop when rain is pouring) was built to copy the Indonesian traditional cinema decades ago. The original “Bioskop Gerimis Bubar” was set outdoor at a park, and operating depending on the weather. If it’s drizzling and the rain started to pour, everybody will walk off from the set to find shelter. That’s why they call it “Gerimis Bubar”.

Warung Misbar’s concept is unique to both Indonesian and foreigner. Once you go in from the ticket kiosk (which was just a gimmick), you’ll be greeted by choices of local food ranging from pepes ayam, perkedel, sambal goreng, terung, tumis, usus, etc. After choosing what to eat, you will then pick a seat around the half-round shaped ‘cinema’. Free flow hot tea is served in a traditional teapot, you’ll have to refill yourself from the station provided. Enjoy your meal while watching local’s all-time favorite movie like Warkop DKI.


What to order in Warung Misbar
I’m gonna say, order everything you feel like eating! Because, the food is good (i personally like their “Nasi Daun Jeruk”), and the price is right. Considering how unique my experience was, I’d say it’s not expensive at all. I will happily spread the news about this place and ask people to come. You should too 🙂


Photo by Bintang Mahacakrie


October 18, 2014