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One Day Self-tour Around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This year I visited Kuala Lumpur (KL) twice and both are for transits. When in transit, I always go outside the airport and pay a visit to my beloved second hometown Cyberjaya where I spent 4 years living during my college time. Cyberjaya is only 20 minutes away from KLIA by train. However if I have longer time to spent during transit (which I usually purposely have), I always go to the city.

People often ask me where to go in KL if they only have limited time to spend, so now I thought I’ll just blog about it so more people can enjoy KL like I usually do. You’re welcome 😀

How to get to the city
If you are arriving in KLIA, the comfiest way to get to the city is by KLIA Ekspres. Using KLIA Ekspres, you’ll be in the city in less than one hour. It’s a very clean train, I always love this train. Now they also provide free wi-fi feature which is super important for us tourist (I KNOW!!). This KLIA Ekspres will take you to KL Sentral station which is literally in the central area of KL. From here you can grab a taxi or continue your journey using other train services depending where you’re going.

Now for the places you can go in one day, I’d recommend these 3 favorite spots:

#1 Petronas Twin Towers
Yup, number one on the list! It’s easy to access, everybody knows where the twin towers are, and of course it’s the top spot to have your selfie as a proof you’ve visited KL. 😀 Easiest way to go to Petronas Twin Towers is by taxi. Seriously it will save you some time cause taxi will stop right in front of the towers and not at the stations where you’ll need a 10 minutes walking.

Quoting from Wikipedia:
“According to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH)’s official definition and ranking, they were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004 and remain the tallest twin towers in the world.”

#2 Bukit Bintang
You may know Bukit Bintang as KL’s shopping heaven because it has lots of shopping malls catering all needs from fashion to technology. For those who are keen on branded fashion shops, you can go to Pavilion. For those who are in a budget, you can go to Sungei Wang Plaza. For men who are more into gadgets, Plaza Low Yat is the place to go. All in one area called Bukit Bintang.


Now Bukit Bintang may be popular for shopping and stuffs, but for me personally, I’ll go to Bukit Bintang FOR THE FOOD! This area has a lot to offer from local delicacies like the “mamak stalls” which sell Indian Roti Prata, to “family restaurant” like Papparich who offers Malaysian delight, to “shisha cafe” for those who like to chill out enjoying the busy KL view.

Notes: If you’re a first timer, I’d recommend you to try Roti Prata, Chicken Rice, and Nasi Lemak (best served as breakfast).

#3 Petaling Street
Petaling Street is a famous shopping area in the China Town of Kuala Lumpur. This is the place to come for some ethnic food, bargain shopping, groceries, cheap clothing, and souvenirs. Not as glamorous as a shopping mall but with much more character. It may be a one street long, but don’t forget to explore the entire surrounding alleys and lanes as they are alive with stores and pop up stalls.

Okay so those are the 3 places you can go in a one day self tour around Kuala Lumpur. They are probably super mainstream places, I know. But to add a more personal touch to this blog post, I would like to add 2 more personal picks to the list:

-> Sri Hartamas
Sri Hartamas may be a little confusing for a non local. People go there by car, so it’s not so much a touristy spot. For a first timer, I’d recommend to start with Publika Shopping Gallery. It’s actually a mall, but has sort of “artsy” ambience. The shops here offer some creative stuffs that I rarely found somewhere else. The restaurants are pretty different from what other malls offer. Read my review on Plan B here. Come here if you’re tired of branded shops and want to find some indie shops instead.

-> Heli Lounge Bar
First of all, don’t come here with high expectation 😀 The Heli Lounge is located inside the Menara KH building, right outside the Raja Chulan sky tram line. It’s on the 34th floor of this building which is actually a campus. Before you go to the helicopter pad you must purchase a drink to go up. They only serve beverage at the top. Once you have ordered, received, and paid for your drinks, you’ll then be given access to the actual helipad. It’s a great place to visit for sunset and the night views of the city.

(image taken from The Sun. I have my own photos of the Heli Lounge Bar, but they are all a bit blurry as it was windy when I went there. Hufft)

So there, my picks on where to go in KL in a day. KL is a large busy city, so having only one day visit won’t cover the most (and the best) of KL. If you have more time to go around KL and would like to stay for a night or two, DO IT! Best location to stay is probably in the city, or near Bukit Bintang area. I usually find and book hotel online from Traveloka.com to find the best promo (and also because it has the easiest payment features! Important!). As for a thematic hotels like you know I’d go, you can also find it there. Check out Container Hotel and Hotel Maison Boutique. Seriously go check it out now!! 😀

Have fun visiting KL!   




Photo : Bintang Mahacakrie, The Sun UK