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Otosan, Menteng – Jakarta

My first Zomato foodie meetup! It was a good experience, meeting people with the same passion which is FOOD! They are passionate bloggers and Zomato avid reviewers. So funny to see they chew the food and bam! they know what ingredients are used. Ckckck..


So fun to see how bloggers took picture of the food before they eat. I’m not alone after all.

About the restaurant.. Although it is stated that their address is at Jl H Agus Salim, the fastest way to find Otosan is to go to the famous Jalan Sabang. If you go from Sarinah, Otosan will be on your right. Just find a building with Otosan logo on the second floor. A note for Otosan owner, you guys need to make a bigger sign 😀

Otosan is known for its Tom Yum. Mr Ivan told us the history about how they make it so perfectly that they need to keep trying out recipes for several times to finally have what they serve us now (this shows how serious they are doing the business, which is cool!). I have to say, I’m not a fan of Tom Yum, but theirs is yummy. Speaking of yummy, try their Kult, a yakult drink which has 4 different flavors; Kyoho, Lychee, Peach, and Green Tea. I tried Lychee and Kyoho Kult and I like both of them.

I also like their Salmon Soyu Don, I think it was the best Salmon-don I’ve tasted so far. And then there’s this Yellow Submarine Roll which was also tasted good. It was light and tasty I didn’t feel full after eating the whole roll.

They surely keep the best dish for last. The Chawan Pudding was awesome! It is a soft egg pudding topped with somekind of maple syrup and cheese. Best thing about this dessert is that the cheese on top added a rich flavor to the sweet pudding. Bravo, I’m a fan!

Thank you Otosan, thank you Zomato! Let’s do this again soon 😀


Photo by Bintang Mahacakrie


October 9, 2014