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[Report] NutriSari W’dank Blogger Luncheon

I am writing this post while drinking my W’dank Bajigur, really. I became a fan of this traditional drink eversince I went back from the luncheon event last week. Before the event, I always thought that Indonesian traditional hot beverages were only those with ginger. I guess I was wrong, because this Bajigur drink tastes much more like ‘Indonesia’, my beloved country which is famous for its spices!

About NutriSari W’dank
NutriSari W’dank is an instant drink which features Indonesia’s famous traditional beverages. Its most popular flavor is Bajigur, it is a traditional beverage from West Java. It tastes sweet and it smells nice, that’s because this particular hot drink is made of coconut milk, pandan leaves, and brown sugar. NutriSari W’dank Bajigur is best served hot, perfect for a chill rainy days, or to accompany working at night. If you like a hot sweet coconut-taste beverage, you’ll like this NutriSari W’dank Bajigur, guaranteed. 🙂

Other flavors of NutriSari W’dank are Sari Jahe from Java (tasted it and love it!), Sarabba from Makassar, and Pletok from Jakarta. All of the flavors contain Indonesia’s finest spices, so they must be the best! NutriSari W’dank series are available in almost all mini markets and supermarkets in Indonesia. Price per pack (4 sachets) is IDR 7,700.

To know more about NutriSari W’dank and news about their ongoing competition, go to their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Oh, you can also visit their website.

About NutriSari W’dank Blogger Luncheon
Got invited to this blogger luncheon was rather an enlightening surprise for me. Firstly, because it’s from NutriSari, one of my favorite childhood beverage (until now!). Secondly, because it’s about Indonesian traditional beverage, which, I love! And lastly because it was held at Plataran Dharmawangsa (booked this place for my upcoming wedding but haven’t got the chance to taste the food. Haha!). So yes, I absolutely RSVP myself once I got the invitation.

I arrived on time, the place was beautiful as always. Glad I started the day early, cause it was one nice sunny day. There were only a few bloggers gathered, so while we were waiting for the other bloggers to come, the people from Nutrifood asked us to play an Instagram game; setting up a little photo session of the W’dank Bajigur’s new packaging alongside the ingredients provided.

After the little game, Bowie a.k.a @traveljunkieID opened the sharing session, he introduced his blog and told us some stories about his favorite places in Indonesia. After that, we were introduced to NutriSari W’dank. The brand itself has been around for a year, but now they are focusing more on the Bajigur flavor which currently has a more youthful packaging design. I agree that the packaging is now more modern looking, clean, and more appealing especially for the youngsters.

We had some nice chit chat session while having an early lunch provided by Plataran Dharmawangsa (I must say that the food is amazing, so tasty and me likey!). We finished the event by, of course, taking a group photo.



Photo by Bintang Mahacakrie & Nutrifood



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    Ravi Agustiana

    March 10, 2015

    Wah! I haven’t tasted W’dank by NutriSari. But it’s a unique name tho!