Robinet: Graphic Essentials

Just finished editing 206 product photos and did some banners & sliders for Robinet’s new website coming next month. Overall i’m quite happy with the results! I basically love making things look nicer and tidy-er. So when I knew Robinet is going to do some facelift on their website, I’m more than happy to be the surgeon.

Photographer: Benazio Rizki

Photographer Asst.: Vendryana Larasati, Bintang Mahacakrie
Photo Editor: Benazio Rizki, Bintang Mahacakrie
Graphic Designer: Bintang Mahacakrie
Model: Gerry Caesario, Ravi Agustiana, Inay, John


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  • Reply January 13, 2014


    one of the coolest banner design i’ve ever seen!

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