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Robot Restaurant, Shinjuku, Tokyo – Japan

When typing “things to do in Tokyo”, we will see this Robot Restaurant as one of those places recommended by tourists and travelers. I’ve been longing to see the show for so long, especially after reading some good reviews about it. People say it’s phenomenal, some say it’s a freak show. I prefer to say it’s a once in a lifetime must-see show. It’s awesomely absurd you won’t find a show like this anywhere else in the world! 😀

How to go to Robot Restaurant
Robot Restaurant is located in Shinjuku, a three stops away from Shibuya, and about 25 minutes train ride from Tokyo Station. The restaurant is pretty famous in Shinjuku. It is located in the Kabukicho district, which is very popular among international tourists. Once arrived in the area, you’ll find everything there so colorful and full of neon lights here and there. Same goes to the Robot Restaurant, the entrance of this thematic ‘mini theater’ is also colorful, only flashier! (notice the two giant pink and blue female robots in front of the building!).


Schedule, how to book, and entrance fee
There are 4 shows every day: first show is at 16.00, second show is at 17:55, third show is at 19:50, and last show is at 21:45. All shows are 90 minutes long. Booking can be made online via this link here. Booking from website is pretty easy since it’s in English. I must warn you that this place is very popular especially during peak seasons, so booking online is recommended. However, there is always a tiny possibility to reserve a seat on the spot.

Entrance fee is 8,000 yen (IDR 950,000 / USD 72) per person. You can also buy a bento meal to be enjoyed during the robot show. Bento meal fee is 1,000 yen (IDR 115,000 / USD 9) per person. I didn’t have a chance to taste their bento, so I don’t have any comment nor opinion about it. I can only say that the night I went there with my husband and a friend, we thought foods were included in our tickets so we didn’t have dinner before the show. Ended up they’re not! (you know when we’re hungry we don’t function well :D). Yes, what I’m trying to say is: to fully enjoy the show, please have your stomach full too.

What to expect at the Robot Restaurant
First of all, before the show, you will be guided to the lounge room which is on the third floor of the building. Expect some VIP lounge with big chairs and LCDs showing some female gladiators on a dessert. You can have a snack or order some drinks here, while enjoying some metalic robot performances playing music instruments on the stage. Honestly I’m impressed a lot during this session. I felt like a VIP inside a glamour bling bling millenium lounge… enjoying takoyaki.


Then, when it’s time for the REAL show, we were asked to go down to their basement floor. Stairs and hallways to the basement were pretty awesome, packed with some colorful wall arts that keep on making us think “whoa.. cool!”, “whoaa.. awesome!”, as well as “what the f?!”. LOL.

When we finally reached the basement, there was no restaurant at all. Instead, there were stadium seats lined up on the right side and the left side of the arena, with large LCDs as our backdrop.


The center area was filled with popcorn and drink stalls.


Yup, not much of a restaurant. This is more like a mini theater. In a good way. So far the place is still awesome (and different!) and I was so stoked to see what happens next.

Experiencing Robot Restaurant
They turned off the lights and the show began. Started with some taiko drummers and dancers. It was a good start, with mood lighting and high volume sounds, awesome taiko drummers were awesome! 😀

There were total 4 rounds of performances in which they have ‘break-time’ in between the rounds. There was one time some clowns performed a lucky draw, and the person who won the lucky draw got a big bowl of popcorns. It was overall entertaining!


Expect some animal robots like shark, spider, dinosaur, monkey, and snake in the show. Sexy female dancers, modern dancers, even Mad Max inspired guitar-man was there too. Also expect some awesome laser lighting, cool surrounding sounds, and a quirky mind blowing story.

The most epic round for me was during the war scene between planet inhabitants and the evil invaders of the robot empire. The sea and the forest creatures join together to fight the evil that threatened their planet. Laser guns and some explosions happened. Epic is the word to describe this scene!


For the rest of the show I keep on thinking “This is JAPAN!”. This is the show that us tourists want to see in Japan. Only Japan can pull off a show like this! It’s no wonder people often write this Robot Restaurant on their Japan to-do list, cause despite how pricey the entrance fee is, it’s a must-see show. Go on and experience it yourself! It’s a whole new world after all 😀


Robot Restaurant
1-7-1 Kabukicho Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Japan



Photo by Bintang Mahacakrie & Raden Astra
Thanks to Mr Koizumi for arranging our seats, and Mr Ohaiyo for being our translator!