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Sate Khas Senayan, fX Sudirman – Jakarta

Best Indonesian Satay in Jakarta! Really! 😀

So my Singaporean friend went to Jakarta and stayed at Senayan area. I had just a little time to take him around and to have a special Indonesian food. I have nothing came out of my mind except bringing him to Sate Khas Senayan at fX Sudirman, ’cause I know they have the best traditional cuisine.

We had Sate Ayam, and it was real goooood.. 😀 He also had Nasi Begana which was good although the photo in the menu looks nicer. Heheheh.. My other friend tried Kopi Tetes, which gave a unique experience cause we need to wait drop to drop until the glass was full of coffee.

I’d recommend Sate Khas Senayan to my foreign friend as Indonesia’s best cuisine, and you should too. 🙂