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Sensoji Temple, Asakusa – Japan

Tokyo Japan is a city with both traditional and modern lifestyle. This is shown all over the city, at one time you’ll see dolled up girls on your left and a typical kimono-dressed Japanese lady on your right. So inspiring, I might say. One of the place to visit, to experience the diversity, is this Sensoji Temple at Asakusa.

How to go to Sensoji Temple, Asakusa:

  • Take a train ride to JR Asakusa Station.
  • Once arrived, go out exit 1 (look at the map to make sure). When you are on the ground level, you’ll see many tricycle taxi on the sidewalk. Go straight, Sensoji Temple is on your right.

So what to do in Sensoji Temple? Other than visiting the temple, you can shop for some Japanese traditional item like Kimono, umbrella, keychain, t-shirt, food, etc. Some people said Asakusa is a ‘tourist trap’ because of the higher price offered here… It’s true, it wasn’t all cheap, but if you’re on a tight schedule (like me last time) I suggest you to shop here -or else you’ll regret cause you won’t find yellow colored obi anywhere else! #curhat *sobs*

Okay move on… At the end of the market, you’ll find a huge Sensoji Temple. *take a selfie here!*


What to do at Sensoji Temple: Try your fortune!

  • By donating ¥100 to the piggy bank there, you can try your luck by shaking the tin provided until a wooden stick came out. Seperti kocok arisan!
  • There will be a number written in Japanese characters. If you can’t read the number shown, just look at which drawer has the same writing. Hehehe.
  • Open the drawer, take one sheet of the paper inside, and read.
  • If it’s a good thing/fortunate, bring the paper back with you. If it wasn’t a good thing (like mine last time), fold the paper and tied it on the wire near the temple. They said we can’t bring back bad luck.

That’s all about Sensoji Temple. It’s free entrance, and has lots of vending machine! 😀


Photo by Bintang Mahacakrie