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Star Wars Themed Wedding of Bintang and Astra

Yup, it’s the wedding of me and Astra 2 weeks ago! It was Star Wars themed and was prepared in a short amount of time, just about 3 months. It was one hell of a night (in a good way!). We were both fans of stars, sky, and everything in the galaxy, so it was the wedding of our dreams; full of stars, clouds, neon (as in lightsabers), and under the midnight sky. We love love love our wedding so much! 😀

A brief story about us: Me and Astra met around November 2014. Both were Advertising students, Astra was graduated from University of Indonesia, and I was graduated from Limkokwing University Malaysia. We decided to get married just on our second date night. We celebrated our 1 month relationship by getting engaged and decided to have our wedding day set in May 2015. Bintang is more into ‘princess-y’ while Astra is more into game and movies. We decided that Star Wars would be the best theme that fits both sides; Bintang being the princess and Astra being a Jedi. We have our friends and family involved in this special day, maybe that’s why it remained epic for us.

A recap of our wedding was featured on Bridestory too: link here.

The Wedding of Bintang and Astra is, literally, one of a kind. Being lovers of the galaxy and all its beautiful accomplices they decided to have a Star Wars themed wedding. The ceremony was sacred and emotional with bright shades of yellow here and there. The couple even provided guests with sunnies and mini fans to comfort them in the heat.

The reception was a whole other epic story. Bintang and Astra thought through every single detail to fit the theme. From decoration, guest book, bridal stage, even down to food signs that cleverly uses famous quotes from the movie. Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Amidala, Sabe, even the Stormtroopers were attending the wedding. The night ended with a lightsaber performance, a truly awesome wedding it was. Duaritme shares us the epic wedding album all set for you to enjoy. Scroll through and be inspired. –Bridestory.


Thank you to all vendors who’ve made this wedding of our dreams come true:

Couple: Bintang & Astra (Instagram: @bintangastra)
Prewed photo: DuaRitme (Instagram: : @duaritme)
Prewed video: Benakribo (Instagram: @benakribo)
Venue: Gedung Arsip Nasional RI
Documentation: DuaRitme (Instagram: @duaritme)
Bintang’s gown: Maysuda (Instagram: @maysuda_id), Sanggar Nanin Fadlan
Astra’s attire: Setia Jaya, Fadlan (Instagram: @fadlan_indonesia)
Handbouquet: Lina Marlina
Flower girl’s dress: Maysuda (Instagram: @maysuda_id)
Bridesmaids & groomsmen’s accessories: iwearbanana (Instagram: @iwearbanana) & Yes Please! (Instagram: @wedding.yesplease)
MUA: Prita Astarto (Instagram: @pritaastarto)
Hairstylist: Hairstylist Arrusa (Instagram: @hairstylist_arrusa)
MUA family & bridesmaids: Nanath Nadia (Instagram: @nanathnadia)
Wedding bands: Tiga Berlian
Invitation: Yes Please! (Instagram: @wedding.yesplease)
Souvenir: Yes Please! (Instagram: @wedding.yesplease)
Catering: Alfabet Catering, Holycow! by Chef Afit (Instagram: @steakholycow), Starbucks (Instagram: @starbucksindonesia)
Decoration:  Jonquila Decor (Instagram: @jonquilladecor)
Props: Lovelyjars (Instagram: @lovelyjars), iwearbanana (Instagram: @iwearbanana), Bits & Bobs (Instagram:  @bitsandbobs.id)
Entertainment: Sky Wedding Entertainment
Darth Vader & Stormtroopers: 501st Legion Indonesia Outpost (Instagram: @501stindonesia)
Lightsaber performance: Urban Jedi Bandung (Instagram: @urbanjedi_bdg)
Wedding planner: Yes Please! (Instagram: @wedding.yesplease)
Wedding organizer: Yes Please! (Instagram: @wedding.yesplease), Sky WO




  1. Reply

    irvina lioni

    June 7, 2015

    selamat kak bintang, turut senang walau gak diundang hehe, semoga sakinah mawaddah warohmah. inspiratif bgt temanya, semoga bisa nyusul 😀

    • Reply

      Bintang Mahacakrie

      June 7, 2015

      makasiih vina 😀

  2. Reply


    August 26, 2015

    this is so cool. actually i’ve seen some pictures from @benakribo ‘s instagram. what i have in mind when i’m reading this is….so, the venue is Gd. ANRI…and is the groom’s name really Astra?? what a cool coincidence! Bintang and Astra and Star Wars and the venue…

  3. Reply


    October 7, 2015

    Uwaaa, Ka Bintang!!

    Ini Nusa, yg dulu di Nyunyu *entah inget ato nggak*

    Just found your blog while i am looking for outdoor wedding reference 😛

    Happy wedding Kak! Nice concept with a nice venue!

    • Reply

      Bintang Mahacakrie

      November 19, 2015

      ingeeet! hehe.. trimakasiii 😀