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Suwe Ora Jamu, Gandaria – Jakarta

Suwe Ora Jamu is a hidden treasure for me! 😀

For a “ginger-holic” like me, this is the place i’ve been waiting for. Located in Jalan Petogogan No 28, Suwe Ora Jamu is a one-of-a-kind shop that serves traditional food and snacks, in the form of ‘urban’ coffee shop. The owner knows exactly what we’re looking for: homey food, homey place, but not at home 😀

What makes it even more treasure-y is that it has hi-speed wi-fi, and lots of power outlet (stop kontak) for socmed savvy like us. Hehehheehe.. Oh, they have this cozy seat just behind the front window. My favorite!

How about the food? Quoting from Ravi, “Surprisingly good!”. Ravi had Green Tamarind and i had (of course) Susu Jahe Anget, i’m loving it! Also, we had this Pisang Goreng Krispi which was my favorite since my first visit.

More reasons to love this place:
– They have large parking spots just in front of the shop.
– Smoking room is located on the 3rd floor, which is good!
– Prices are affordable. They have jamu starting from IDR 9.000. Yeay!


So whenever you pass Petogogan, look out for this sign 😀

January 24, 2014