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The Cat Cabin, Kemang – Jakarta

Finally! A cat cafe in Jakarta! Yeay! Been looking forward to visit another cat cafe after my visit to the one in Seoul. Compared to the one I visited before, The Cat Cabin is way cleaner, (in a way) healthier, and brighter (this is important because I need to take good pictures!). The place itself is so fun with all the colorful interior and ornaments that speaks cat cat cat. Certainly a piece of heaven for a cat lover! And oh, another plus point for me is because they are using my favorite font for all their design and publication! 😀

How to go to The Cat Cabin, Kemang
The Cat Cabin is located at Jalan Kemang Raya 31. If you are coming from Jalan Prapanca Raya, you will see KFC on your right, and then La Codefin also on your right. Once you see Boxmart, slow down, The Cat Cabin will be on your left, just across Takigawa restaurant. The building is grey in color. Notes: You will need to climb some stairs to reach the place.

What to do in The Cat Cabin, Kemang
Pet the cat and take as many pics as you can!!!! 😀 At least that’s what I did.

There are some rules applied in The Cat Cabin. First of all, no flash photography. All other rules are just normal like you can’t disturb a sleeping cat, can’t pull the cat’s tail (of course!), and you can’t feed them with ‘human’ food. So basically all you can do is to play with them and well, just pet them with love!


If you’re wondering whether you can bring your own cat to the cafe, (quoting from their facebook) the answer is “No, you can’t”. The only cats allowed to be in the cafe are The Cat Cabin’s own cats. Cats owner should already understand that cats are territorial, they will get upset to find ‘stranger’ between their community. The other reason is that the management want to ensure that all of the cats are as clean, healthy, and well behaved as their standard dictates. I thought that’s fair enough.

What to order in The Cat Cabin, Kemang
There are not much to grab here, especially for a hungry belly like mine. The only heavy menu is some rice bowls which will get the cats sniffing on your food :D. The rice bowl was tasty but don’t get surprised when you see it coming on a small size plastic bowl.

Other than rice bowl, they also offer some cakes in a jar which costs about IDR 33,000. They come in many flavors such as Tokyo Banana, cookies and cream, cotton candy, etc. I personally suggest you to order drinks like the Kitty Punch or the hot tea set.

Entrance fee per hour : IDR 50,000 (adult) and IDR 35,000 (children)
Another extra hour will be charged IDR 30,000 (adult) and IDR 20,000 (children)
*Children : 2-10 years old

This cat cafe only allow maximum of 15 person to get in the cafe every hour. Too many people (or they call it “human”) may cause the cat to easily get upset, perhaps. That’s why it’s better to book a slot first, cause if the cafe is full when you walk in, you might need to wait for an hour.

Instagram : @thecatcabinjakarta
Facebook : thecatcabinjakarta
Address : 2nd Floor, Jalan Kemang Raya 31, Jakarta
Phone : 021-71795243
Email : general@thecatcabin.com


Photo by Bintang Mahacakrie