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Things I Collect while Traveling

Last week during Lebaran holiday, I cleaned up my room and realized how I actually been collecting things while go traveling. Collecting boarding passes and concert tickets is fun! One day you can go through them one by one and reminiscing the moment. Like when I found The Moffatts’ concert ticket, my mind went back to the day I watched them alone in the tribune area. I also remember the day I won a meet & greet with them from Prambors radio. What a sweet sweet memories!

For me, I collected those piece of papers for the sake of memories. I have a “Box of Memories” filled with knicks knacks I found while traveling, moments I cherished. It includes boarding passes and concert tickets. But other than those things, I found out that I also collected:

I’m a fan of stationary stores wherever they are. They make me happy! My favorite stationary stores to date are Typo in Singapore and Loft in Tokyo.


Whether it’s in-flight magazines like these ones, free magazines found in the subway, or local commercial magazines… I’d bring them home!


Glasses & Sunglasses!
I’ve been collecting sunglasses since 2008. From the simple square-shaped to the crazy guitar-shaped sunglasses. I counted them last week and there are almost 100 sunglasses that I’ve collected.

Favorite sunglasses store? Cotton On in Singapore. Ssstt.. Have you been to Cotton On in Anchorpoint (in front of IKEA Alexandra)? They always have discounts there!


Last but not least, of course, Accessories!
Actually, I don’t really wear accessories everyday (other than glasses). But when I do, I like them to be either black or gold in color. Both black and gold are easy to mix and match, that’s why I love these colors.


Not everything in the picture I collected from overseas, like these 2 things I love most:
The birthday ring from my boyfriend, and my favorite Casio watch I bought from Zalora (they have lotsa lotsa range of Casio watches!). I like how they both compliment each other! 😀


Ps. Tips on buying things while traveling:
Remember you might not have second chance. So if you really like what you found, grab it right away!



Photo by Bintang Mahacakrie




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    August 17, 2014

    Jam Casio-nya keren!