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Things i want for my upcoming birthday

I’m gonna be 28 in 2 months! Scary yet so fun cause i don’t feel like 28 at all! Ha!

As a birthday girl-to be, and as most girls would do just the same thing here, i’m going to list down things  i want for my birthday. *crossing fingers* Hoping my bf would see this post and get me some. Yeay yeay!

#1. A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book.

I may not be a hardcore fan of these 2 girls Emma and Elsie, but i’ve been adoring their sense of art and crafts eversince i found their blog. This book would be a major feast for the eyes. Can’t wait to see beautiful images inside!

(photo from www.lnnk.nl)

#2. Kate Spade’s Book Clutch.

Why? Of course because it’s so cool and classy and perfect and i simply can’t afford it 🙁

(photo by bedsidetablebooks.wordpress.com)

#3. Brushesssss!

Been longing to have a set of make up brushes… >.< Found this not-so-expensive set in Luxola.com, sadly they’re sold out.

November 28, 2013