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Tokyo Disneyland, Japan

Visiting Disneyland has always been a girl’s dream. Growing up in The Lion King era makes me so close to almost all of the Disney’s characters. When I was a kid, I always believe I can go to Disneyland one day. Now here I am 20 years later, lucky enough to have experienced the joy of wonderful Disneyland!

True princess never get bored going to Disneyland. True enough, this is my 4th time going to Disneyland, and my very 1st time going to Tokyo Disneyland. Thanks to Benakribo and Bina Blog Indonesia for bringing me to the only place where dreams come true!


Tokyo Disneyland has 7 different themed lands: World Bazaar, Tomorrowland, Toontown, Fantasyland, Critter Country, Westernland, and Adventureland.


Mr Osafune (Osa-san) from BBlog first asked us to have lunch at Restaurant Hokusai to enjoy Japanese cuisine. More about the Japanese themed restaurant will be elaborated in other blog post. It was one yummy lunch!

After a quick lunch, Osa-san (together with Mr Takeuchi & Mr Ishiai) brought us to Tomorrowland where we asked to try Star Tours, a 3-D world of Star Wars adventure. It was awesome! The visual effects were just fantastic. For me the ride was not as thrilling as how it looks like, but the details in the visuals were what gets me to give some applause at the end of the ride.

From there, we moved on to Toontown where we visited Minnie Mouse’s house. I loooooveee everything about her house. The exterior and interior are both cartoony which is awesome. Again, Disney made it so detailed that it may look like an ordinary house from afar, but when you get to the inside… It sure was popped out from the story book!


The next attraction we were excited about was Splash Mountain in the Critter Country area. Too bad there was a little problem with the ride and we were prohibited to enter the area. That’s okay… cause we’re ready for some parade! Yeay!

Osa-san and friends brought us to this bridge just beside Cinderella’s Castle in Fantasyland area, it was the best spot to see the long-awaited Disney parade “Happiness is Here”. See more pictures of the parade in my blog post here.


After the parade, we were given a free time to explore the theme park. So we did. We took pictures with the characters, visited Cinderella’s castle, and had a dinner at Plaza Restaurant where they sell cute dishes like this!


At night we were back on the bridge again to watch the coolest nighttime parade “Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights” where all the toy rides were dressed up in lights.


The awesomeness didn’t end up after the parade. There was another show called “Once Upon a Time”, a heartwarming entertainment filled with fantasy. This was a newly added show in Tokyo Disneyland that uses projection mapping technology to produce a 3-D effect by projecting video and images in a way that fits the contours of Cinderella’s castle as the main building. I didn’t take picture of the show, but I’ll upload a video instead. Coming soon!

Some notes on the show:
– Free reserved seat tickets are distributed by lottery at Tomorrowland Hall from park opening until 30 minutes before each performance starts. Valid park tickets used for park admission on the day of visit are required for the lottery. Please submit all your party’s park tickets to view the show together. Your party may attempt the lottery for this show only once a day.
– Children ages 3 or under do not require a ticket, so please seat them on your lap.

All in all it was a happy day in the park. I’m in love with Tokyo Disneyland, the details in every attractions were spotless! Characters were just as real as they can be!! I hope I’ll be back here again someday. In the mean time, I know you should visit too! 😀



Photo by Bintang Mahacakrie, Benazio Rizki
Thank so so much to Bina Blog Indonesia and Tokyo Disneyland Resort for the tour!