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Tom Tom, Level 5 Grand Indonesia – Jakarta

Thai food, everyone? Yes, please! Another cool place is set on the 5th floor of Grand Indonesia, just right in front of the West Mall’s escalator, you won’t miss it! The name “Tom Tom” is so catchy and ear-friendly. I’m guessing it came from “Tom Yum”, their signature dish 😀

Tom Tom combines traditional Thai cuisine with a modern looking dining set and interior. I love how spacious the dining table was. I also keen on how they combine dark industrial floor and walls with splash of yellow and turquoise on their metal chairs. Probably the most modern Thai restaurant I’ve visited in Jakarta.


Tom Tom has various kind of menus from rice, noodles, vegetables, tom yum, etc! I’m not a fan of spicy food, so I ordered this non spicy rice dish called Kao Op Saperot, a traditional Thai style pineapple fried rice served with shrimp. It was quite a big plate for me, especially when it came out all yellow. But it tastes good! So yummy I could finish it by myself. Recommended, I will definitely order this dish again in my next visit.


Since Tom Tom is a Thai cuisine specialist, of course I ordered Thai Ice Tea for the drink. It was goooood! My personal favorite Thai Ice Tea, better than any other Thai restaurants! The turn down was actually the dessert. I ordered Ruammit, which is a shaved ice dessert with sweet tidbits like red rubies and shaved young coconut, and it came out too watery. Not as sweet as I imagined. But don’t worry, because I’ve read some good reviews about this particular dessert. Maybe I wasn’t lucky that day.. 🙂

All in all it was a good visit to Grand Indonesia and Tom Tom was a good pick too. If you happen to visit Grand Indonesia, don’t forget to walk up to Level 5 because they have unique restaurants to be discovered. Oh, one more thing, Level 5 often hosts fashion/art/culinary bazaar like Market Museum, Localfest, or I Love Bazaar events. Make sure you don’t miss Level 5!


Photo by Bintang Mahacakrie