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The Tribe of the Three Gorges, Yichang – China

The Tribe of the Three Gorges is located in Yichang city of central China’s Hubei province. This scenic spot is a village located on the Yangtze River, the longest river in Asia, but it is no longer inhabited because it is now a protected art and culture area.

My parents and I, together with a tour group went there with a boat and was greeted by a local tour guide named Nisa. She was very nice and she called us ‘Nisa’s family’. At the beginning, she informed us it was going to be a 2.5-hour walking tour.

On our first few meters of walking, beautiful sceneries already struck us to stop and to snap a few pictures. There it was, in a beautiful weather that day, a lady with an umbrella and a gentleman playing a Chinese flute, both wearing traditional clothes, standing on separate wooden boats, made such perfect picturesque moment. We stayed for a while and then continued to walk.


The next thing we saw was a couple of waterwheels and some fishing nets picturing how the village would have looked like in the olden days. The water was very clear and we could see easily fishes swimming. In a few hundred meters in front was another lady standing on a boat, waving gracefully at us whilst we were walking on the side. With such wonderful moments to record, the traffic was a bit slow, but it was okay as there were a lot of time to spend, plus it was breezy and shady. At the far opposite of us were two young ladies singing and washing their clothes by the river. I wish I had known how to speak Mandarin so that I could have understood what they were singing. Along the way, there were also a lovely Chinese couple standing on a bridge, posing and ready to be captured by our cameras.

After walking for 45 minutes Nisa brought us to see a show especially prepared for us. It was a story about a girl who was going to marry and how sad she and her family were because they would not be able to see each other for a long time. Nisa said they would usually cry for days until the wedding day. The performance was amusing because the groom was one of the visitors. The bride had thrown a bouquet to a Caucasian man at the beginning of the show and so they brought him inside and made him change into a Chinese groom costume.


Beside the stage was a cute stall selling souvenirs – I bought little fish-shaped-bags for my friends. On our way back we saw wild monkeys hanging on bamboo trees.

I thoroughly enjoyed this trip and I highly recommend you to visit this place. It brought pleasant feelings as it reflects the fun and loving spirit of the people living in the Gorges area. The walking around was not hard as it was mostly flat ground with few steps. Make sure you bring a camera with you because every 5 minutes you will see different settings this place had arranged for its visitors to enjoy. Lastly, do not forget to tip your local tour guide between 3-10 Yuan.

Written by Angela Kurniawan.

Story & Photo : Angela Kurniawan


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