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Vespa Adventures: After Dark Foodie Tour, Siem Reap – Cambodia

Siem Reap is not only about Angkor Wat. This exotic city of Cambodia has more to offer, their local food is one thing to remember. Seriously when you visit Siem Reap, I recommend you to take this unique ‘ride on the back of Vespa’ tour and experience Siem Reap like no other. Me and my husband had a great time, we enjoyed every minute of the ride. We’ll do it again, for sure!

How to Book Vespa Adventures
To book a tour with Vespa Adventures, simply surf their website vespaadventures-sr.com, select a tour, choose date, etc (basically just fill in the little form provided). After clicking the “book now” button, you can view your shopping cart, and proceed to check out / payment. Payment can be made using Paypal. Easy!

Price for After Dark Foodie Tour is $65 per adult includes all-you-can-eat local food, free flow drinks, tour guide, a stylish vespa, helmet, raincoat (if raining), insurance, and experienced driver. What a way to enjoy tour in comfort and style! πŸ˜€

Hint: Book 2 or more tours, get 10% discount.

The After Dark Foodie Tour
So I found this amazing tour from Tripadvisor back then when I planned my honeymoon trips. I remember I was so happy when I found out that there actually a ‘stylish’ tour like this one where you’d be taken on a tour by riding a Vespa. How cool is that!?

Anyway, so my husband didn’t have any idea about what he’s about to experience. We were on a thematic “The Amazing Race” honeymoon where I planned everything and act as the host (giving him yellow envelope with a clue on what to do next). The whole honeymoon race went out so well, we flew from Jakarta to Singapore to Hanoi and then to Siem Reap before we go back to Jakarta via Singapore. The vespa tour was on our last day in Siem Reap, also marked as our last pit stop before the finish line. I told my husband that it’s gonna be an awesome day, and I kid him not, it was one of the coolest night we shared together!

We were picked up by 2 Vespa drivers wearing orange polo shirt in front of our hotel. They were on time. I quickly chose to ride the striking yellow colored Vespa, feeling excited! Both drivers speak good English, they told us they’re about to take us to the first stop which was near the city area.


Our first stop was this cafe / bar called Asana. There, we were greeted by a photographer which will take our photos during the tour. Photos will be sent to our email right after the tour. Excellent!


We ordered some drinks and waited for another people who was also joining the tour that night. Turned out there were only Nick and Jenna, another young couple (like us :p), joining. So it was quite a private tour. We were also introduced to Akim, the tour guide, which is also the founder of the Vespa Adventures. After about 30 to 45 minutes chit chatting and getting to know each other, we moved to the next stop.

We stopped by a traditional market and Akim showed us what kind of ingredients that will be on our dishes later during the foodie tour. There were some familiar spices among all the traditional ingredients, but then Akim told us that Cambodian uses giant ants as one of their traditional spices too! Yup, that’s right, ants! Believe me, it was a shocking intro to begin the tour, quite a nightmare.

Once we know a little bit of the things we’re gonna have on our food, we then rode the Vespa down to another market. On our way we passed by a temple and Akim told us an interesting story about the temple. See, the tour was not specific to food, Akim also provided us a bit of cultural experience.


The next stop was a street market which sells local fruits, and mmm… snacks. If you’re thinking of cockroach, bugs, and caterpillar as snacks, then you’re absolutely right! And if you think they’re delicious, then you are once again right! Haha. We tried almost all the ‘snacks’ and fruits Akim gave us. Surprisingly, they weren’t that bad. I personally recommend you to try.


Me and my husband throughly enjoyed the ‘fear factor’ session of that night. Such an experience! But it didn’t stop there… We were prepared a space near some kind of river (i’m sorry it was dark, can’t figured out where we actually were :p), and so we had some appetizer there. During dinner, Akim shared us a story about ‘her’ Angkor. It was such an inspiring story and she is such an inspiring lady as well. If you happen to do the tour with her, ask her to tell the story, you’ll be amazed πŸ™‚


It was a long night, it didn’t end early. We then moved on to the next stop which was a restaurant with some live music performance. Remember the ants I told you earlier? We finally tried them here. Although it’s hard to see them on the plate, surprisingly they tasted good. Thank god!

The finish line of the whole tour was at a wine house, more like a local wine house. We were given a tour about the place before Akim asked us to gather around to do wine tasting. They have lots of unique flavors from sweet to spicy. The highlight was that we were each given a bottle to take home as souvenir. What a night.

I really enjoyed the whole tour. Nick and Jenna (check out her travel blog) were very friendly and fun to be with too, so it was one great night overall. I couldn’t recommend it more, simply a great way to explore the food scene of Siem Reap. Really!

Vespa Adventures
Cambodia Vespa Adventures on Tripadvisor

Photo by Bintang Mahacakrie & Vespa Adventures
Thanks to Chris and Lindsay for arranging the tour, and also to our exceptional guide Akim for the stories she shared πŸ™‚




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